The Tibetan Yung Drung Bon Study Centre, UK

A British Charity No. SCO23439.
Our mission is the preservation of Yungdrung Bon Spiritual Tradition and Culture of Tibet


The Buddha taught Yungdrung Bon Buddhism comprising of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen in Shambala and Zhang Zhung more than 18000 years ago. Eventualy His teachings were imported in to Tibet which is the original spiritual Tradition of Tibet and the Tibetan people.


The Tibetan Yungdrung Bon Study Centre, U.K

Reminds our friends and students of its’

10 Day Annual International Residential Retreat

which will again be staged in London, England.

From Friday 21st August to Sunday 30th August 2015

Lama Khemsar Rinpoche

During the course of the retreat, authentic teachings encapsulated with advanced meditations based on the respective views of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen will be taught and practiced. You will be guided by the Retreat Master and his Umzeys (Prayer leaders).

The 10 day residential retreat is open to anyone who wishes to attend. It is an essential requirement to attend all the 10 days.

It will be a closed door retreat to minimize distractions, thus cutting oneself off from the rest of the World’s distractions. The retreat compound has a small outdoor space where students can get some fresh air, walk around and option to eat outside. The retreat will be semi-silence in nature to facilitate teaching and Question & Answer sessions each day.

The residential retreat is based on authentic retreat guide-lines. Such a closed-door retreat provides one with ample opportunities to put teachings into practice. One will then gain Nyam-dang tog-pa (Understanding and Experience). Such is a unique way whereby one practically engages in advanced meditations by cutting away from philosophical and intellectual layers!!

Without practice, everything is nothing other than building intellectual degrees where one’s ego gets strengthened - and that is not spiritual. Remember, each one of us is born with Buddha potential and our task in this life is to take a spiritual path aiming towards attaining Buddhahood by bringing our Buddha potential into full fruition. This is possible even in this very lifetime!”

We must remember that each and every one’s life is impermanent. One’s fame, name, power, success and relationships are like bubbles that are subject to burst. Master Yungdrung Ling-pa remarked that: “One’s life is like a flame in the wind- impermanent”.

It is also relevant in today’s busy life where typically one doesn’t get much time to practice. It is crucial that one should make time for oneself to attend such a closed-door retreat at least once a year. The retreat provides an opportunity where one can refresh the teachings and cover all the time one has lost during the year due to ones’ various illusionary social-order distractions, which are never-ending and which do not bring any long lasting fulfilment!

PLEASE NOTE: There are people who wish to attend the retreat but they cannot afford it financially. As such, it will be a very good karmic act if you are able to financially sponsor someone who cannot otherwise afford to attend the retreat. Rinpoche and the TYBSC are doing their best to help individuals in any possible way.

Any contribution will be much appreciated. Each year, Rinpoche allows some regular students to attend totally free of cost after considering their special circumstances; some other students by giving them special concessions, whilst others are allowed to pay in instalments, etc.

Dates: from AUGUST 21st-30th 2015

Venue: Ku-soom Lhun-drub Ling, Bonpo Lha-khang

30 Henry Road, New Barnet, London EN4 8BD, UK.

For all enquiries and registration, contact:

Umzey Penny Lee Tashi Lhamo: 07714 277382,



Free Meditation




"Human Life, no matter how successful, rich, famous and powerful one may think of, is completely incomplete without taking spiritual path! As all of these are just like soap bubbles, subject to constant bursting. When the death comes which is ever unavoidable, one's consciousness doesn't die with the mortal body but it continues in Bardo. To prepare for this crucial moment, one must practice here and now without any delay, by taking and following a proper spiritual path accordingly. Even if one couldn't attain enlightenment at this stage, at least in ones next rebirth one will not fall into the lower realms and one will have another opportunity to continue on the path and eventually attaining enlightenment for oneself and for the benefit of all sentient beings! Taking spiritual path will also determine the conditions of ones next rebirth.

The Human birth you have now is very precious and rare in this that each one could attain buddhahood in this body and life!!!

Meet a Lama/ Spiritual Master now, receive empowerment, transmission and instructions and engage in the process!"

Lama Khemsar Rinpoche

My love and prayers to you, your family and friends!

Dear students, I am writing to you personally to invite each and every one of you - students, family, friends - to join in the warmth and fellowship of our meditations which take place at our local centres in London, Wiltshire-Avebury, Wales and Scotland.

The meditation is open to general public which will be assisted by existing students. The meditation focus of these evenings is the Dzogchen Ngondro foundation practices which employ a combination of mantra, visualisation and meditation. Whilst these are generally associated with Yungdrung Bon or The Eternal Light Teaching (The Ancient Native Buddhism of Tibet) and Buddhism, their essence has Universal Application and can be adapted and utilized by anyone – regardless of the faith or belief system one ascribes to--

When I am in each area, I conduct the practices in person – providing additional men-ngak/ esoteric instruction commentaries and insights as we go along. If I am not there, my students take turns at leading the practices under the guidence of local Umzey-prayer master. We start at 7:30pm and finish at approximately 9:30 pm. If you are late, slip in quietly when you arrive.

These sessions are FREE of charge however, if you wish to make donations, these are always most welcome and are used to help with the rent etc. Offerings such as flowers, incense, candles, food etc. can be brought in by you and dedicated for the benefit of yourself, your family / friends, etc. - this being a positive karmic act.

Note: Attending both sessions is essential & beneficial for Drub-Dra students.


Dzogchen Ngondro practice followed by:

1.Magyud Gong Chod Namsoom
2.Phowa (Yeshe Sang Thel)
3.Tsewang Chhok-dhu or Tse-drub Jarima
4.Chod (Khadroi Ghe Gyang)
5.Zhiney (Stepping stone for Dzogchen meditation)
6.Dutri-su Drib-jong (An essential practice for purification of karma)
7.Trul-khor (Dzogchen Yoga Meditation Aid)
8.Lu-tor or Sadhak Lu-nyen Chod-thab
(Healing rite for Natural Inhabitants who are hurt and traumatized by humans)
9.Jam-ma Nying-thik
10.Sherab Mawei Seng-ghe (Wisdom Deity practice)
11.Tumm-mo & Chud-len (Enhancing of primordial Wisdom Fire and Advanced Universal Energy extracting meditation)
12.Khor-dhey Ru-shen (Specific Ngondro for introducing Dzogchen-pa to the Sem-kyi Ney-look - Nature of the Mind)
13. Lhak-thong (Degrees of Zhiney or Vipasana)
14.Treg-chhod (One of the two principal Dzogchen meditative practices)
15.Thod-ghel or Lhak-thong Wod-sel Practice (One of the two meditative Dzogchen practices)


To receive further Ngozhi teachings, it is essential to practice and get familiar with Dzogchen Ngondro! You must know that Dzogchen Ngondro forms the foundation of all Ngozhi principal teachings comprising of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen. Simply receiving teachings no matter from whom, without putting them into practice could end up building academic ego! Practice makes perfection!

For London area:

Weekly Public meditations are every WEDNESDAY from 730 to about 930pm, and one Sunday every month. Venue: Ku-soom Ling, Bonpo Lhakhang 30 Henry Road, New Barnet, London EN4 8BD; Contact: Umzey-Penny Tashi Yangzom, tel: 01296-682464; mobile: 07799 583767, e-mail:

For Wiltshire and Bath area:

Weekly Public meditations are every WEDNESDAY 7:30pm - 9pm
Venue: Quaker 'Friends Meeting House' Sussex Wharf, The Nursery, Devizes,
SN10 2AE.
Contact : Salil Paldhen Phuntshog and Katie Sem-ma Lhamo.
(Mobile: 07518041808, 07864181729)




To book private one to one with the Lama for Holistic Healings, spiritual consultations, dietary advice or to request Loong (transmission) of specific Teachings, please contact Umzey Penny Tashi Yangzom, home: 01296 682464, mobile: 07799 583767, e-mail:



May all the sentient beings that are

encompassed by the SKY be enriched with

happiness and the cause of happiness!

May all the sentient beings be parted from

suffering and the causes of suffering!

May all sentient beings never be

separated from the happiness of the

Eternal state of consciousness!

May the minds of all sentient beings abide

in the state of equipoise, in which there

exists neither happiness nor unhappiness!

Lama Khemsar




Lama Khemsar Rinpoche

An ancient Tibetan Bonpo rite called Sang-sol, conducted by Lama Khemsar Rinpoche as an outdoor ceremony for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants.


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