Ku-soom Lhun-drub Ling Bonpo Lha-khang
(The Divine House of Bonpo, realm of the Three Perfect Bodies, which are spontaneously realized.)

Ku-Soom LingKu-soom Lhundrub Ling Bonpo Lha-khang is recently established here in London, UK by Lama Khemsar Rinpoche. It is the formal physical meeting centre of the TYBSC, particularly called "Ku-soom Lhundrub Ling Bonpo Lha-khang" where all level meditational practices including retreats are taught and practiced. The Lha-khang is created with the tireless effort and unwavering determination of our spiritual Master Lama Khemsar Rinpoche, TYBSC’s trustees, and with the support of member students. The establishing of the Lha-khang is one of the Rinpoche’s great achievements in addition to his priceless teachings that were taught during 21 years of his spiritual leadership. His teachings are comprised of Sutra, Tantra, and Dzogchen Ta-wa (views) respectively.

It is an exciting moment for TYBSC, its members and students!

The spiritual director directed us that from now on, under the umbrella of TYBSC, he named the physical centre by the name of “Ku-soom Lhun-drub Ling Bonpo Lhakhang” or in short, Ku-soom Ling, located within the East-New Barnet council, 30 Henry Road, London EN4 8BD, UK.

Ku-soom Me-lhaOur spiritual master, Lama Khemsar Rinpoche initiated the first use of the Lha-khang by organizing the Zhang Zhung Meri Empowerment. The Meri Wang was given by Yang-ton Ponlop Trinley Nyima Rinpoche of Menri Monastery of India at the request of Lama Khemsar. The Ponlop was assisted by Lama Khemsar Rinpoche himself, Geshe Thupten and Lama Sonam Khemsar. Khyimsar Drub-dra’s Umzey Rob Tsewang Norbu was intrusted to serve as chhod-pon (Altar attendant) during the Empowerment.

Lhakhang celebrationRinpoche has recently arranged and performed in the Ku-soom Ling, Bonpo Lhakhang, The Long-gye Jin-seg offering ceremony. It was performed for the first time in the history of Europe and America. The Jin-seg was dedicated for the benefit of all the sentient beings (living and dead) including those who have contributed by partly sponsoring for themselves as well as for their loved ones. It was also dedicated for the planet in which we are living, to harmonize, balance, and eradicate natural calamities, diseases and towards developing love and compassion for all etc. etc. The Jin-seg also served the purpose of SA-DUL (Decontaminating and consecrating of the land).

Progress report:

Huge progress has been made in renovating since the old chapel building was acquired. The internal wall has been completely plastered and repainted. The floor of the hall has been completely insulated, readjusted, sanded and varnished. The Lha-khang is now fully heated by installing electric radiators and made comfortable for all by considering each and every one’s needs especially of those who have health issues. A big thank you to those who have contributed/donated their contributions (cash and kind) in this time of need!

Further renovation work is still under way which includes adding a two room storey on the existing back utility-room. The two rooms are built to facilitate advancing practitioners to perform various advance meditation practices including Dzogchen Thod-ghel.

Since then, the Lha-khang is used by the Khyimsar Drub-dra as well as by general public on weekly and monthly basis. Individual and group drub-drawas can use the Lhakhang for retreat/s by requesting permission from Rinpoche. The Lha-khang is also available for renting to like-minded people (Yoga teachers, healers, tai-chi instructors and other similar arts etc.) who would respect its ins and outs.

In September, we have staged our 10 day annual international retreat and we are now looking forward our 2015 international residential retreat commencing from Friday 21st August, till Sunday 30th, 2015! (This update published in 2014)


Aims of the TYBSC (UK)

Whilst teaching Yungdrung Bön in India, Rinpoche was constantly approached by westerners keen to learn more about the tradition and to benefit from its teachings. As a result, in 1993, he accepted an invitation to go to Europe to teach. In March of that year he founded the first ever Tibetan Yungdrung Bön Study Centre — TYBSC (UK)— and subsequently on 2nd March 1994, coinciding with the first day of the Tibetan New Year, the centre gained recognition as a Scottish charity.

The aim of TYBSC (UK) is to preserve this ancient spiritual tradition and cultural heritage of Tibet and the Tibetan people, which is in grave danger of diminishing, and to make its profound teachings available to the general public. Although many thousands of years old, the teachings are particularly relevant in these times since the ancient wisdom they contain teaches us unconditional love and compassion — qualities which are essential in a world so often full of conflict and materialism. Such teachings also provide us with a tool kit with which we can transform even the most negative of experiences into something positive.

In order to make the teachings as widely available as possible, TYBSC (UK) arranges regular teachings, practice retreats and other events. These are open to all, regardless of faith, creed, gender and experience. Rinpoche firmly believes that as common themes run through all spiritual paths, it is possible to use his teachings to complement other paths, and vice versa.

TYBSC (UK) also hopes to set up a translation project and library of Bönpo texts, within a central base, in an effort to provide an environment where spiritual practitioners and academic students may have access to Bönpo texts and visiting Lamas. However texts need to be purchased from Tibet, India and Nepal, as there are very few Bönpo texts translated into English at present.



A: To build the two Tsham-khangs, the estimated cost is between £50 to £60,000 (Recent architect's estimation). A drub-dra student has already donated £20,000 towards it. We are still short of the remaining amount. Please donate as much as you can towards the project.

B: We also need to build a porch attach to the main door. The proposed porch will help in shading wind from outside and preserving heat from inside. The exterior design of the porch will depict an authentic pagoda type dome. We don’t know the cost until we hear from the council whether they will permit us to build a whole or part brick or wooden structure but we need funds towards the proposed porch. Can you sponsor the whole porch or part of it? Update: The proposed porch has been built and it cost £6000. We owe this money to the builder and can you help?

C: We have been looking for a quote from insurance companies for insuring the Lha-khang building and its contents. We got one quote now for £1,200 per year. Can you help or can you ask, on behalf of Rinpoche and TYBSC, for help from your family, friends and business companies?

D: TYBSC is still short of pledges towards its mortgage, electricity and other expenses. Please make your pledge/s towards the mortgage or by making a one off donation. The mortgage is a big responsibility that Rinpoche has taken by signing himself in the bank along with TYBSC's secretary Penny Lee. He is hoping that someone somewhere will appear to donate a lump sum amount so that TYBSC can drastically reduce the existing mortgage to 50% or even 70%. Please explain to those who are in a position to donate and indeed such an act will be a very good karma!

Tonpa Shenrab StatueE: Sang-gye Tonpai Ku or Buddha Tonpa Shenrab statue: At the call of Rinpoche’s appeal towards the proposed statue which will form the principal interior artifact of the Lha-khang, we have made a good progress in this project. Some individuals have donated purely for the statue, so now we have enough funds to initiate the order. As such, Rinpoche has already intrusted a Bonpo Geshe in Nepal, Kathmandu to enquire all the details as per Rinpoche’s specific requirements for the statue. The proposed Statue could look like the image shown on the left. Update: The proposed staue is 80% manufactured and obtaining of the necessary documents from Nepalease archeological departments and other related matters are under way, in order to ship the statue to the UK.

Whenever you make a donation, please send an e-mail to the treasurer. All the donations/cheques should be made payable to TYBSC.

Again, we want to thank you each and every one very much for your generosity and without which this would not have materialized and we would not have made such a progress!

From the Office of TYBSC, in consultation with the Spiritual Director and the Board of Trustees.

More about the BONPO LHAKHANG

Rinpoche is also thinking of another project attached to the Lhakhang, which is to have a wooden chalet (Scandinavian style), to be built preferably with two stories, in the backyard of the Lha-khang, to create a second hall with other flexible facilities available. Update: Sofar, due to building regulation, it proved to be to be not meeting our requirment---However, the proposed wooden chalet is still an option.

How YOU can Support Rinpoche’s Vision!

Can you help?

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All of these will be a great karmic act in accumulating merits!

You can ask, on behalf of Rinpoche and the TYBSC’s trustees, for help and support from your family members, friends, business people and companies in the name of living people as well as in the name of those who have passed away.

"It will be a great Karmic act to help, support and donate funds towards such a virtuous cause which brings the profound wisdom of Shambala and Tibet into this part of the world. This will benefit countless beings here and elsewhere now and in the long run!"

The standing order should be set up to go into the TYBSC main account and please put a reference on the payment of "Retreat Centre Expenses" . If you are donating/paying by cheque, please make your cheque payable to "TYBSC". Please e-mail us if you are donating or setting up standing order or posting a cheque etc.

We are with HSBC bank.

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Heartfelt Thanks From Rinpoche and the trustees of the TYBSC

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